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            Our suppliers are located in key production markets around the world which allows us to flexibly move production across markets, balance capacity constraints and meet customer needs Of our suppliers remain regularly active with order placements over a ten-year period. China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh play a key role in our production.

            Sidi sources, creates and delivers products to brands and retailers worldwide. We do this by connecting our suppliers in all markets around the world, managing our customers to meet their needs through competitive pricing, quality and reliable delivery.

            We take our responsibility to our employees, customers, suppliers, and the workers very seriously. We recognize that our business can influence positive change in our industry. Improving both working conditions and the livelihoods of workers and their families in our sourcing communities is important to us.

            At Sidi we understand that building sustainable supply cannot be done alone. We work with suppliers around the world and alongside industry partners to address the development challenges our industry faces.

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